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Roger Housden is an inspirational speaker and author of 20 art, poetry, and travel books that ask deep questions about the way we live—that encourage us, before we die, to live into the best that we are. His latest book Ten Poems to Say Goodbye was published in February 2012. Roger’s work has been featured often in Oprah Magazine, the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times. Poetry Recital: Self Inside Self: “A good poem is the distillation of a universal truth; its precision and clarity enables it to slip through the sentries of the heart to your core. When you feel something viscerally, when you know it in your bones, you can act on it.” -Roger Housden

3 Programs

Roger Housden: Poetry Recital, Self Inside Self

10.27.12 | 00:21:30 min | 0 comments

Roger Housden: Ten Poems to Change Your Life

11.28.07 | 01:07:57 min | 1 comment

Poetry for Water

01.12.07 | 00:58:41 min | 0 comments