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Montreal filmmaker Marlene Millar has been creating dance and art films over the last twenty years. In 1999 she received a Pew Dance-Media Fellowship at UCLA, and in 2001 founded the award winning arts film production company Mouvement Perpétuel with Philip Szporer. Their dance films and arts documentaries (Moments in Motion, The Hunt, a soft place to fall, Butte, Byron Chief- Moon:Grey Horse Rider, The Greater the Weight, 40, Falling & Quarantaine) are broadcast regularly on Bravo! Canada and are featured in festivals around the globe. She has taught filmmaking workshops at the National Film Board of Canada, Main Film, Concordia University in Montreal, Bowling Green University, Ohio, Centre Imagine in Burkino Faso, and at ImpulzTanz in Vienna. Ongoing projects include a 3D experimental documentary with choreographer Crystal Pite, a multi-platform dance series with Philip Spzorer and an immersive environmental installation.

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3D Dance Filmmaking with Mouvement Perpétuel

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