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Dr. Galia Golan is Professor Emerita and former head of the Department of Political Science at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. She presently leads the program in Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution in the School of Government, Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. At Hebrew University she was the founder of Israel's first program in women's studies and head of the Lafer Center for Women's Studies, as well as the head of the Mayrock Center for Soviet and East European Research. She is a leader of Peace Now (the Israeli Peace Movement), Bat Shalom (of the Jerusalem Link, a Palestinian and Israeli Women's Joint Venture for Peace), and the International Women's Commission for a Just Peace. She also serves on the Council of Pugwash and on the editorial board of The Palestine-Israel Journal and is a member of the executive committee of Meretz (Social Democratic Party).

Dr. Golan is the recipient of the New Israel Fund Women's Leadership Award and the Gleitsman Foundation Activism Award. The author of nine books, mainly on Soviet policies in the Middle East, she has also written on women and politics, non-state actors in conflict resolution, and globalization. Her most recent book is Israel and Palestine: Peace Plans and Proposals from Oslo to Disengagement (Markus Wiener Publishers, Princeton).

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A Panel Discussion on the Prospects of Middle East Peace

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Galia Golan: Women in the Search for Middle East Peace

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