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Thomas F. Beech is President and CEO of the Fetzer Institute in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Having served as Associate Director and then Executive Director of The Minneapolis Foundation from 1974 to 1984, from 1984 to 2002 he was Executive Vice President and CEO of The Burnett Foundation in Fort Worth, Texas. Mr. Beech's work in philanthropy has emphasized the central importance of building solid working relationships based on trust, mutual respect, and integrity. He has written and consulted extensively on non-profit governance, and organizational and personal resilience, and he has served on the boards of directors of the Council on Foundations, Independent Sector; the Conference of Southwest Foundations; The Institute for Community Peace; and Funders Concerned About AIDS.

A private operating foundation based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Fetzer Institute engages with people and organizations around the world to help bring the power of love, forgiveness, and compassion to the center of individual and community life. Founded by broadcast pioneer John E. Fetzer, the Institute carries out its mission in a number of ways: by supporting scientific research to understand how to increase the human capacity for love and forgiveness; by convening conversations that help leaders in many fields explore the practical application of love and compassion in their work; and by sharing compelling stories of love and forgiveness at work in the world. While the Fetzer Institute is not a religious organization, it honors and learns from a variety of spiritual traditions. (

Mr. Beech received his undergraduate education at Carleton College and graduate education at Union Theological Seminary and Columbia University, where he was a member of the International Fellows Program. He has written and lectured extensively on the subject of Leadership for Our Times.

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Thomas Beech: The Roots of Leadership

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