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Eric Litman is Chairman and CEO of Medialets, the most widely deployed rich media advertising and analytics platform for mobile. He is a pioneer of the Internet's commercialization, and as a co-founder of Proxicom, helped to build one of the first, largest, and most successful publicly traded interactive agencies. Litman most recently served as Managing Director of WashingtonVC, an early-stage fund and incubator.

Previously, Litman held senior executive roles in high-growth Internet businesses, as founder and CEO of Viaduct Technologies, a global Internet and mobile interactive agency. He was also instrumental in building digitalNATION, a world leading web hosting and services provider, from its launch through its $100m acquisition by Verio Internet/NTT (NYSE: NTT). Litman began his career with technical and software engineering positions at GEnie, a pre-Internet online service provider, and NeXT Computer.

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Eric Litman: Mobile Rich Media Is the Next Frontier

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