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Tom Ngo is the Vice President of Disney Research. Formerly, he was CTO at NextPage, where he was responsible for product management, product design, and product development and interacted heavily with customers, press, and analysts. He also served as Area Director at Interval Research, where he co-invented an efficient delivery mechanism for broadband media, techniques for synthetic computer animation, and a compact device for implementing the "cocktail-party effect." His other papers and patents are in global optimization, protein-structure prediction, and nuclear magnetic resonance.

He holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University and a bachelor's degree from the University of Cambridge, where he received the first Sir Neville Mott Prize for research in theoretical physics. He has been elected to the vSpring Capital Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs (v|100) since 2005, and was the 2004 UITA CTO of the Year.

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Disney Research Zurich: Not Your Father’s Mickey

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