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Dr. Andreas Weigend studies the ongoing revolution in social data. He teaches at Stanford University and directs the Social Data Lab. Previously, as the chief scientist of, he focused on building the customer-centric and measurement-focused culture that has been central to Amazon's success.

Dr. Weigend works with innovative startups and global companies, helping them understand and leverage the irreversible changes in how consumers express themselves, relate to each other, and make purchasing and lifestyle decisions. His clients include Alibaba, Allstate, Lufthansa, Nokia, Priceline, Symantec, Thomson Reuters, Visa and the World Economic Forum.

Dr. Weigend studied in Germany and Cambridge (UK), and received his Ph.D. in physics from Stanford University. His career as a data scientist combined with his deep startup and industry experience allows him to successfully bridge the gap between academia and industry. He lives in San Francisco, Shanghai and on

3 Programs

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Data Driven: The Evolution of Consumer Analytics

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Andreas Weigend: Marketing & Web 2.0

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