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Bre Pettis builds infrastructure for creativity. Passionate about all things DIY, he is a co-founder of MakerBot Industries, the Brooklyn-based company that's bringing computer-controlled fabrication to the work benches of inventors, hobbyists, and mad scientists everywhere. The company's low-cost 3-D printers turn digital design files into physical objects, vastly reducing the cost and time required to prototype new products, manufacture custom parts, or realize art projects. MakerBot hosts the online community, Thingiverse, where users share designs and collaborate on open source hardware.

Pettis is also a founder of the hacker collective NYCResistor. He created the History Channel TV show History Hacker, produced and hosted Make magazine's Weekend Projects video series, created new media for, and taught art in the Seattle public schools.

5 Programs

The MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner

09.21.13 | 00:27:53 min | 0 comments

Physical Mashups, Dragons, Gangstas, and Rabbits--OH MY!

09.18.11 | 00:30:33 min | 0 comments

Flash Mobs

06.22.11 | 00:40:28 min | 2 comments

NYC Resistor's Bre Pettis: The Makerbot Revolution

06.14.10 | 00:11:12 min | 0 comments


05.22.10 | 00:29:47 min | 3 comments