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Jessica Tenenbaum, PhD, is Associate Director for Bioinformatics at DTMI Biomedical Informatics Core.

Dr. Tenenbaum facilitates translational research through coordination and support of bioinformatics infrastructure. She provides project management for the data storage and analysis aspects of the MURDOCK study, and contributes bioinformatics area expertise to strategic software licensing and technology partnerships for both the DTMI and the Biomarker Factory.

Dr. Tenenbaum received her PhD in Biomedical Informatics from Stanford University. Her doctoral research focused on integration and analysis of disparate "-omic" scale datasets, and mining publicly available data for insights into human disease. Other research interests include proteomics, regulatory and signaling networks, systems biology, and human-computer interaction. As a Science Policy Fellow at the Institute of Medicine in Washington, DC, she helped to organize the Roundtable on Evidence-Based Medicine and assisted in early planning stages for a workshop on health information technology.

After earning her bachelor's degree in biology from Harvard University, with a focus on computer science, Dr. Tenenbaum worked as a program manager at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA for six years. She first worked on the website product (later bought by Citysearch), and subsequently, on Smartphone devices in the Windows Mobile division. She also taught evening courses in computer programming through the University of Washington Extension School.

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