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Co-Project Director & Executive Vice President Public Affairs, The Ready to Learn Partnership; CEO, The Phoenix Consulting Group:

Ira Sockowitz has combined a career in law, politics, communications, and logistical planning to obtain a unique blend of strategic planning and management know-how. By integrating skills in initiative management, public policy research, strategic communications, and project administration, Ira has earned a reputation as an effective leader who achieves his employers' and clients' mission-critical goals.

The Phoenix Consulting Group is a full service public affairs, communications and event planning firm, based in Washington, D.C. and operating throughout the world. As the chief executive of Phoenix, Ira provides strategic counsel to clients on legislative and regulatory issues as well as communications and public relations issues. In addition, he provides protocol and dignitary management services to senior officials of governments, corporations, and associations.

Prior to starting the Phoenix Consulting Group, Ira was Managing Director of Strategic Planning Group (SPG), which provided public affairs and business advocacy services to corporations and associations. As well, Ira planned and managed several special events ranging in size and scope from the Presidents of the eight industrial world powers (the 1997 Denver Summit of the Eight) to a three-day festival for 150,000 people (as the Black College Reunion) while with SPG.

Having joined the Federal government as a Presidential appointee, Ira served as Special Counsel at the U.S. Department of Commerce under the late-Secretary Ron Brown.

Prior to joining the federal government, Ira presided over both trial and appellate proceedings as an Administrative Law Judge for three years.

Ira began his career, and gained eight years of experience, in the legislative process. Starting as a Legislative Assistant, Ira served as counsel to one Member and the manager of a legislative staff for another Member of the New York State Legislature over the course of five sessions before going on to spend one year lobbying before the Legislature. Ira subsequently served as a Legislative Counsel for New York City's Office of Management and Budget for two years.

A native New Yorker, Ira received his law degree from Union University's Albany Law School and his undergraduate degree from the State University of New York at Binghamton. Ira did not complete his course of study for a Masters of Public Administration in order to accept a Presidential appointment in 1993. In May of 1991, Ira had published an extensive review and analysis of 200 years of public policy options, legislation, and case law regarding New York State's real property tax.

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