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When "WordWorld" creator Don Moody discovered his wife was pregnant, he decided to pursue life differently, most importantly, living by example and practicing citizenship. Aligning his life with the progression of his child’s life, Moody set out to develop an innovative television show that addressed children’s literacy and taught valuable life lessons.

Based on more than two years of personal research, Moody realized literacy television shows would be much more effective if words were brought to life. He remembers thinking "Wouldn’t it be cool if the word 'shark' swam off the screen, or if the word 'ice' actually froze in front of you?" From there, "WordWorld" was born and under Moody's direction, evolved into an innovative children's show that has received praise from children, parents and educators alike.

Moody's personal history is woven into the "WordWorld" fabric. Moody grew up with two other siblings raised by his mother in a single parent home. Based on his own childhood experience, Moody understands the importance of introducing effective literacy techniques early to a broad audience of kids. After his mother moved her family to a better neighborhood, a creative community helped raise and positively influence Moody. In fact, many of his childhood friends helped shape "WordWorld’s" ensemble cast of WordFriends.

Prior to creating "WordWorld," Moody founded Moody Communications, a Manhattan-based advertising agency that serviced a variety of accounts in entertainment, internet technology, telecommunications, fashion and investor relations. Moody handled the branding, advertising, merchandising and licensing business for Jones New York, Verizon and US Banker, as well as for licensees of Disney, Warner Brothers, Lucas Films, "Barbie," "South Park," and "Bananas in Pajamas." At the same time, he independently created, developed and produced "Bobby Blu," an animated children's property for Wal-Mart, to air as a television series on the Fox Family Channel.

Moody is the recipient of a Graphics Design Award from the Museum of Modern Art and attended the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

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