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Asa has traveled the world, photographing the elite and the celebrated including Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Lance Armstrong, Al Gore, George Bush and the Dalai Lama. His photographs have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and the Washington Post and with personal clients home and abroad. Asa crafts his distinct style of fine art portraiture combining the intimacy of photography with his own creative vision and expertise, bringing passion and compassion to each and every shoot. He has had the exclusive position to document the most coveted and prestigious technology events like TED, WSJ's "D" all things digital, EG Entertainment Gathering for decades.

Currently he is redirecting his creative mind and applying his deep passion for a tremendously important new endeavor, The Big Pink Ribbon, a multifaceted project created to unite the global community of breast cancer survivors and those who love them. One facet is a unique website that ties in the others facets; customizable unique books and a 55 foot sculpture called "The Ribbon of Light."

The Big Pink Ribbon project is the creation of a series of 50 Big Pink Books, one representing each state. The books will feature some of the personal narratives of the struggles, strength, recovery, and hope that have appeared on the BPR website. Each book will have an exclusive cover image tying the book to the state. These images captured at the shoot/event will feature a "human pink ribbon," hundreds of people painted pink from head to toe posing next to one anther to create the shape of a ribbon. The models for this ribbon will be survivors of breast cancer, both men and women (shot separately), from that state. Hawaii's book may feature a ribbon of pink, nude, models floating above the camera in the blue waters off Maui, while Iowa’s cover shot may depict the ribbon in a ready-to-harvest cornfield, New York, the survivors will stand in an adjacent skyscraper in the windows forming a pink ribbon in the windows.

With many future plans heading into other countries especially the ones where help is needed most, we plan to work with Doctor’s Without Border’s and bring mobile mammography units to the event/shoots, assisting in ways I can only dream about right now.

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The Artistic Entrepreneur: A Big Pink Vision

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