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Charles Sowers is an artist and exhibit developer at the Exploratorium who has been making thought-provoking, beautiful, and sometimes whimsical experiences for visitors for the past 15 years. He seeks to provoke a sense of delight and wonder and to reward extended observation. Frequently, this involves developing an apparatus to recreate and/or highlight some natural phenomenon observed in the world: the swirl of fog blowing over a hill, the formation of ice on a puddle, or the flow of water and foam on the beach as a wave drains away. These things often go unnoticed until pointed out but, according to Sowers, the mundane can be sublime.

Science serves as a deep resource for creative ideas for Sowers, and he frequently collaborates with scientists to recreate lab experiments. Through these collaborations, he has discovered a strong correlation between his process and that of the scientific experimentalist. Both build apparatus, for example: scientists to probe the limits of their collective understanding, and Sowers to probe the boundaries of beauty, delight, and wonder.

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Visualizing Science

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