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In February 1988, Bob McMullan was sworn in as Senator for the Australian Capital Territory. In 1990 he was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer and in 1991 became Manager of Government Business in the Senate. In 1993 McMullan was appointed Minister for the Arts and Administrative Services and became a member of the Cabinet, the first time the Arts portfolio was represented in Cabinet. In January 1994, he was appointed Minister for Trade.

Following a redistribution of Canberra's House of Representative seats, McMullan stood for the seat of Canberra in 1996, and was elected. Following a redistribution in 1998, McMullan became Member for Fraser. Between 1996 and 2007 McMullan held a number of Shadow Ministerial positions. After the election of the Rudd Government in November 2007 McMullan was appointed as Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance.

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