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Steven Vanackere is the deputy prime minister of Belgium, as well as the Belgian minister of foreign affairs. He previously served as the Belgian minister of civil service, public enterprise, and institutional reform. From 2007-2008, Mr. Vanackere was the minister of welfare, public health, and family affairs in the Flemish Regional Parliament. Since 2006, he has been an alderman in the Brussels City Council for economics, trade, port, and Flemish affairs. Mr. Vanackere was a member of the Flemish Regional Parliament from 2004-2007. For five years, he served as the deputy director general of MIVB/STIB, the urban public transport company of Brussels. From 1993-2000, Mr. Vanackere was the managing director of the Port of Brussels, and from 1991-1993, he was the deputy chief of Cabinet to the Minister of Budget, Finance, Civil Service, and External Relations for the Brussels Capital Region Government.

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2010 Brussels Forum Closing Remarks

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