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Boris Tadic has been the president of Serbia since February 15, 2008. President Tadic had previously held numerous political and governmental posts, including that of minister of telecommunications in the months following the October 5th democratic revolution that overthrew the regime of Slobodan Milosevic. In addition, after serving two terms as the Deputy Leader of the Democratic Party, President Tadic was elected the Leader of the Democratic Party on February 22, 2004, succeeding the assassinated Prime Minister of Serbia, Dr. Zoran Dindic. He also worked as a teacher of psychology and as a military clinical psychologist. Until 2003, he was a lecturer of political advertising at the Faculty of Drama at the University of Belgrade. In addition, in 1997, he founded and directed, until 2002, the Centre for the Development of Democracy and Political Skills. President Tadic received the "European Prize for Political Culture" by the Swiss Foundation Hans Ringier in 2007, the prestigious annual German award Quadriga in 2008, and the Steiger Award in 2010. He was also conferred an honorary doctorate at the Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University in Bucharest in 2009.

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Balkan Reconciliation: Presidents of Serbia and Croatia

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