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Yves Leterme is currently serving his second term as prime minister of Belgium. He studied political science and law at the University of Leuven and at the University of Ghent, and in 1983 he became chairman of the Ypres Christian Democratic and Flemish Party (CVP) Youth. In 1992, Mr. Leterme became an administrator at the EU and worked at the European Commission for five years. He became municipal councilor of Ypres in 1995 and parliamentarian in 1997. In 2001, he became CVP fraction leader in the Chamber (House of Commons), and in 2003 he became the party chairman. In 2004, Mr. Leterme became minister-president of the Flemish government. In 2007, he became vice-prime minister of Belgium and minister of budget, transport, institutional reform, and the North Sea. He then served as prime minister, minister of foreign affairs, and again as prime minister.

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Brussels Forum 2010 Opening Address with Yves Leterme

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