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Konstantinos Boulouchos is a professor of aerothermochemistry and combustion systems at the Institute of Energy Technology at ETH Zurich (ETHZ) and Chair of the Board of the Energy Science Center. He trained as a mechanical engineer at the National Technical University of Athens and holds a Ph.D. in thermodynamics and combustion from ETHZ. Following post-doctoral work at ETHZ and a Visiting Scientist position at Princeton University, he served as Senior Scientist and head of the Combustion Research Laboratory at the Swiss National Laboratory, the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI).

In recent years, Konstantinos Boulouchos has been increasingly interested in research issues related to the modeling, assessment, and optimization of the global energy system from a rigorous thermodynamic point of view. Together with his team, he works on strategy development efforts for corporate and national institutions in the field of energy.

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