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David J. Moore is Chairman and Founder of 24/7 Real Media, Inc., a leading global digital marketing company that offers award winning ad serving, targeting, tracking, and analytics platforms, along with powerful search marketing capabilities and a global alliance network of Web sites. As Chairman of 24/7 Real Media, Mr. Moore focuses on strengthening the company's industry position, strategic relationships, recruitment and business development. Mr. Moore also works closely with WPP Digital to support the development and implementation of WPP's digital initiatives.

Mr. Moore has led 24/7 Real Media's growth from start-up to its current position as a leader in digital marketing. He is a respected industry veteran with over 30 years experience in new media property development. Throughout his career, he has consistently distinguished himself as a pioneer and leader. When the bubble burst on the dotcom industry, taking his company with it, Mr. Moore was determined that his company would survive. He held true to his vision that if his company survived it would emerge stronger, with a larger market opportunity and fewer competitors. With a series of bold moves, he succeeded.

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Digital, Life, Design 2010: User-Centric Experiences

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