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76 million “Heroes” fans around the world know the name Tim Kring, and tuned in weekly across broadcast TV, cable, online and mobile to follow Kring's expertly created stories about ordinary people who discovered they possessed extraordinary abilities. Kring is also among the most decorated creators of multi-screen and gamified entertainment properties, having won a Primetime Emmy (c) for "Heroes Evolutions" - an interactive experience and the Pioneer Prize for his creative leadership in second screen entertainment. During the summer of 2010, Kring teamed with Nokia to launch the “Conspiracy For Good”, a global movement that allows the audience to become part of a story to create positive real world change. Through this interaction, 5 libraries were built, 10,000 books donated and 50 scholarships created for schoolchildren in Zambia. Currently, Kring is in production on the second season of his critically-acclaimed hit series, "Touch", set to premiere February 1st on Fox. Follow Tim on Twitter @TimKring

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