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Dr. Joseph (Yossi) Vardi is a co-chair of DLD. With 40 years experience of co-founding, leading and participating in building over 60 high-tech companies, he is one of Israel's early entrepreneurs.

Vardi co-pioneered instant messaging as the founding investor and the former Chairman of Mirabilis Ltd., the creator of the highly popular instant messaging program ICQ, now owned by AOL.

Yossi Vardi looks back to an extensive government and public career. Serving, amongst others, include Director General of the Ministry of Energy and chairman of Israel's National Oil Company and Israel chemicals and of the Jerusalem Foundation. Numerous investments Yossi Vardi co-founded or helped to build went public, including, Scopus, Granite and Lasers or have been acquired by Cisco, AOL, Yahoo, IAC, Sierra Wireless and others.

He now acts on the advisory Board of Amdocs. Vardi served on boards of directors and advisory boards of numerous state and private corporations including Bezeq, Israel Electric, the Bank of Israel. He has also been an advisor to the CEOs of AOL, Amazon, and Allied Signal.

He has received many awards, including two time the Prime minister of Israel Hi-Tech award for life achievements, the Industry prize, the Ramniceanu prize and C-E-O's Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame.

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