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Karen Adelman and Chez Panisse alum Peter Levitt strive to steward a Jewish cuisine reflecting season, time and place, reconnecting with traditional culinary practices. Peter Levitt's family in South Africa was on the reform side of Jewish identity but he personally chose to pursue his religion seriously in his early life. Peter spent many hours praying and studying. Fortunately his mother's kitchen also figured prominently in his childhood. Many, many hours reading the torah were complimented by a sumptuous variety of many Ashkenazi comfort foods. Eventually Peter found himself in California.

After studying Mathematics and Chinese Language at UC Berkeley, Peter decided to cook. Naturally. He worked in Oliveto's kitchen for four years and Chez Panisse for two. Then it followed as a matter of course, he became a math teacher at MLK Middle School. Karen called Peter out of teaching to help her purchase and run Saul's Restaurant and Delicatessen with her.

2 Programs

Exploring the Thrills and Challenges of the Modern Deli

05.19.11 | 01:32:14 min | 0 comments

Referendum on the Jewish Deli Menu

02.09.10 | 01:08:35 min | 4 comments