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Marilyne Andersen is an Associate Professor in the Building Technology Group of MIT's School of Architecture and Planning, which she joined in 2004, and is also the chair holder of the Mitsui Career Development Professorship. Trained as a physicist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland, she went on to specialize in daylighting and complete her PhD at EPFL in the Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory after having spent a year as a Visiting Scholar in the Building Technologies department of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California.

Her inter-disciplinary research interests on the use and optimization of daylight in buildings led her to work across the boundaries of architecture, physics, and environmental concerns. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she supervises thesis work for undergraduate and graduate students in architecture, building technology, and mechanical engineering.

She is currently working on projects related to advanced glazing and shading systems, visual and thermal comfort, the implications of light on health from a design standpoint, and the visualization of daylighting performance and metrics in architectural design.

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