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Ziya Akkurt joined Akbank in 1996 as Head of the Corporate Banking Department and was promoted as Executive Vice President in 1997. In 2008, Akkurt was appointed General Manager of AKInvestment, elected Deputy CEO in charge of the Corporate and Commercial Banking Business Units at Akbank in April 2009 and appointed Chief Executive Officer in June 2009.

Before joining Akbank, Ziya Akkurt held managerial positions at various commercial banks including Osmanlı Bank and Banqué Paribas/Paris. Ziya Akkurt is a graduate of Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

2 Programs

Ziya Akkurt: 'Turkey Could Be the China for Europe'

05.08.10 | 00:33:41 min | 0 comments

After the Financial Crisis: Consequences & Lessons

01.28.10 | 01:30:30 min | 3 comments