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Noel Pearson was born in Cooktown and grew up at Hope Vale, a Lutheran Mission on south-east Cape York Peninsula. Noel Pearson is a history and law graduate from Sydney University.

He is the Director of the Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership, a body that drives new directions in public policy on indigenous issues.

Noel Pearson was involved in the establishment of the Cape York Land Council in 1990 and the other regional indigenous organisations representing the people of Cape York Peninsula, including Apumipima Cape York Health Council in 1994 and Balkanu Cape York Development corporation in 1996.

Noel Pearson works in a voluntary capacity as the Chairman of Cape York Partnerships, a project negotiated between the Queensland government and Aboriginal Leaders of Cape York to plan and implement projects centred on a reform agenda for Cape communities.

He also chairs the board of Cape York Partnerships Projects office and is a board member of Indigenous Enterprise Partnerships.

Noel Pearson’s current work draws widely on his thoughts on breaking down “passive welfare dependency” amongst Cape York Aboriginal people, by reinstating the rights of Aboriginal people to take responsibility for their lives. Descriptions of these ideas can be found in Pearson’s monograph Our Right to Take Responsibility (self-published, 2000) as well as his recent papers.

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