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As well as being one of Britain's best-known psychologists, Glenn Wilson is the Visiting Gresham Professor of Psychology. He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and has published more than 150 scientific articles and 33 books.

He is an expert on individual differences; social and political attitudes; sexual behavior, deviation and dysfunction; and psychology applied to the performing arts. Not one to shy away from contention, his most recent books include: Born Gay: The Psychobiology of Sex Orientation, The Secret of Lasting Love and Psychology for Performing Artists.He has lectured widely abroad, having been a guest of the Italian Cultural Association, and a visiting professor at California State University, Los Angeles, San Francisco State University, Stanford University, the University of Nevada, Reno and Sierra Nevada College.

Apart from being a professional psychologist, Dr. Wilson trained as an opera singer at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and still undertakes professional engagements as an actor, singer and director.

13 Programs

Glenn Wilson: Mind Over Matter

12.11.12 | 00:52:38 min | 0 comments

Glenn Wilson: The Thin Line Between Genius and Madness

11.06.12 | 00:42:16 min | 0 comments

Glenn D. Wilson: Personality and the Brain

10.09.12 | 00:54:14 min | 0 comments

Glenn D. Wilson: Profiling a Killer

03.20.12 | 00:49:54 min | 0 comments

Glenn D. Wilson: Whatever Turns You On

02.21.12 | 00:49:52 min | 0 comments

Glenn Wilson: Mad, Bad or Sad?

01.17.12 | 00:43:16 min | 0 comments

Glenn Wilson: The Pursuit of Happiness

11.01.11 | 00:48:48 min | 0 comments

Glenn Wilson: Soothing the Savage Breast

10.04.11 | 00:48:00 min | 0 comments

Glenn Wilson: What Is This Thing Called Love?

03.29.11 | 00:47:23 min | 0 comments

Glenn Wilson: Sex Wars

02.22.11 | 00:43:10 min | 0 comments

Glenn Wilson: Born Gay? The Origins of Sexual Orientation

04.19.10 | 00:45:23 min | 1 comment

The Principles of Beauty and Sex Appeal

01.25.10 | 00:00:00 min | 0 comments

Glenn Wilson: The Power of Music

03.17.09 | 00:55:04 min | 3 comments
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