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Donatella has a background of ten year's experience in Arab media research. In 2000 she wrote her first book on Arab satellite channels, Media Oriente, followed in 2005 by a monography on Al Jazeera. She was advisor of Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona for the art exhibition Occidente desde Oriente in 2005 and she created West by the Arab media, a two day festival of screenings and debates on how Arab TV channels picture the West, launched in 2008 in Rome and to be held in 2009 in Brussels.

She has lectured on Arab media in many events held, among the others, in MIP TV Cannes Market, Brussels' EU Parliament, Linz Ars Electronica, Aula 06. She loves Arabic language and goes crazy for musalsalat, especially those dubbed in Syrian dialect. She lives somewhere between Rome and the Arab world.

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