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At the age of eight, from his home in Campbelton Newfoundland, General Rick Hillier constantly wrote to Canadian Army recruiters in attempts to enlist. Not knowing his age, army recruiters attempted to sign him up! Rick Hillier finally sucessfully enlisted at the age of 17, immediatley after high-school graduation, and then went on to study Sciences at Memorial University in St. John's Newfoundland. Upon graduation, his was admitted to the Officer core of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, and eventually went on to command the Dragoons' 120 tank strong comittment in Germany during the 80's. From there on, General Hillier's accomplishments are quite notable; * 1997, Hillier commanded the two-brigade comittment to the Red River floodings * 1998, Hillier commanded the CF comittment to the Quebec Ice Storm * 2004, Hillier commanded 6000 allied soldiers in the International Security Assistance Force in Afganistan. (the largest multi-national force led by a Canadian since the 1956 Suez Canal Crisis) * 2005 Hillier promoted to Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), the highest position in the Canadian Forces

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Afghanistan: Transition to What?

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