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Douglas Maclagan was trekking in Nepal when a distraught mother, desperate for help, handed him her dying baby girl. Overcome and inspired, he committed himself completely and selflessly to the children of Nepal.

Together with villagers he recruited to help, he set up his first two Day Care Health Centers in 1995 and saw an immediate drop in the infant mortality rate in the region. His program provides education, healthcare and social opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged children in spite of the deep political instability and constant threat of insurgency.

Maclagan has actively sheltered children from beatings, insurgent raids, and recruitment from the Nepalese brothels. He now lives very simply with his family and oversees the organization, which serves more than 40,000 children in need each year. He established Child Welfare Scheme/Nepal in 1997 and now runs highly sustainable programs with 190 physicians, nurses, social workers, educators and support staff.

The future promises more vital services to thousands of disadvantaged children through fourteen new local partners, including the Nepalese government which now recognizes Children Welfare Scheme's achievements.

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