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Ami James is an Israeli-born tattoo artist. James altered the perception of tattoos - specifically who gets them and why - through his reality TV show, Miami Ink. He is a renowned tattoo artist whose relationship with tattoos began over 20 years ago. Today he has 40 tattoos.

He's used his creativity to become a very successful entrepreneur. James is the co-owner of the Love Hate Tattoo Studio and the Love Hate Lounge in Miami. He also owns the DeVille clothing line and a jewelry line. James partnered with Motorola to create custom-designed cell phones with his artwork etched into the phones. He was also featured in a PETA ad with the tagline "Ink, Not Mink." James also designed an animal rights tattoo, which PETA used as their logo and made into a temporary tattoo for kids.

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Ami James: Tattoos & Taboos

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