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Katherine Hamilton joined the GridWise Alliance in October of 2008 as its first full time President. In her tenure, Katherine Hamilton has watched the Alliance membership grow from 70 to over 100 members. In addition to new members, Katherine Hamilton has brokered numerous strategic alliances with key stakeholder groups. Katherine Hamilton has also been instrumental in spearheading the legislative and policy efforts of the Alliance in the past year including developing legislative language and providing testimony for Congress. In addition to her activities to promote the many different initiatives of the Alliance, Katherine Hamilton has participated in numerous conferences as a keynote speaker and on smart grid panels. Prior to joining the GridWise Alliance, Katherine Hamilton was policy advisor for Good Energies, Inc., a private investment company with a current portfolio in clean energy technologies of more than $6 Billion. In addition, Katherine Hamilton co-directed the American Bioenergy Association, where she worked with entrepreneurs, universities and utilities in developing biomass technologies. As the President of her own company, The Hamilton Group, she worked with the Union of Concerned Scientists, Natural Resources Defense Council, Midwest Research Institute and other organizations to lobby Congress and statehouses on various clean energy policies and funding. Katherine Hamilton also worked for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) where she created several programs including federal energy audit and water conservation. Katherine Hamilton also served as NREL’s Manager of Government Relations in Washington, DC, becoming an expert witness on renewable energy for the House Committee on Science and serving as an advisor to Vice President Cheney’s Task Force in developing the national energy plan. Katherine Hamilton apprenticed as a distribution engineer for Virginia Power (now Dominion Energy) and was a senior analyst in commercial energy efficiency. Katherine Hamilton holds degrees from Cornell University and the University of Paris, Sorbonne.

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