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Don Von Dollen is a Program Manager at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and is responsible for the IntelliGrid program. This program focuses on accelerating the transformation of the power delivery infrastructure into the Smart Grid needed to support our future society through a unique collaboration of public and private stakeholders.

Don Von Dollen is a leader in industry Smart Grid activities, serving as Chairman of the IEEE PES Intelligent Grid Coordinating Committee, a Peer Reviewer for the DOE GridWise Program, a member of the GridWeek Organizing Committee and a Liaison Member of the GridWise Architecture Council. He coordinates EPRI's Smart Grid activities with DOE, EEI, NIST, NEMA, NARUC, NCSL and other organizations. Don Von Dollen led a team of industry experts to develop a roadmap for the development and harmonization of Smart Grid interoperability standards under contract to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He has worked with utilities on their AMI implementations and on utility-specific Smart Grid Roadmaps.

Don Von Dollen joined EPRI in 1991 and has held a variety of positions including Applications Manager for Power Delivery and Markets, and Program Manager for Underground Transmission. He has also managed EPRI's superconductivity research program. Before joining EPRI, Don Von Dollen was a Research Engineer with Pacific Gas & Electric Company.

Don Von Dollen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from the California State University, Sacramento.

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