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Jamie McIntyre brings 16 years of frontline experience in national security reporting to his latest assignment as host of the "Line of Departure," a daily blog on Internationally known for his high-profile role as CNN’s senior Pentagon and military affairs correspondent from 1992 to 2008, Mr. McIntyre draws on his extensive firsthand inside knowledge to offer insights on both the military and the media. From the intervention of Somalia to the invasion of Iraq, he has covered every U.S. military operation of the past two decades, both from inside the Pentagon and from the war zones. Prior to joining CNN full time in 1992, Mr. McIntyre was a freelance reporter for the network, and also the "Voice of C-SPAN." From 1989 to 1991, he was the host and senior writer of Capital Edition, an Emmy award-winning news magazine show. In July of 2009, Mr. McIntyre joined the editorial team at where he now blogs on "Jamie McIntyre's Line of Departure," Military. com’s media and national policy journal.

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Arctic Security: The New Great Game?

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