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Frank Magnotti is a founder of Comverge and President of the company's Clean Energy Solutions Group. Frank Magnotti began his career with Bell Labs, the research and development arm of AT&T, holding research, program management, strategic planning and general management positions during his 14-year term, ultimately founding AT&T Bell Labs' Utility Solutions Division in 1991.

In 1995, Frank Magnotti began his tenure as General Manager of Lucent Technology, Inc.'s (ALU) Utility Solutions Division where he was responsible for worldwide marketing, sales, business development, project management and profit and loss. From there, Frank Magnotti joined Data Systems & Software, Inc. (DSSI), as President and General Manager and founded Comverge as a subsidiary of what is known today as Acorn Energy Group (ACFN). Today, Comverge is the leading full-service demand response firm, serving both the residential and commercial/industrial markets.

The Company was the first demand response firm to go public in April 2007. Frank Magnotti has served as both Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Demand Response and Advanced Metering Coalition (DRAM) and holds two patents. He holds B.E. and M.E. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Cooper Union School of Engineering.

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GreenBeat 2009: Consumers and Efficiency

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