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Sharon Allan is a senior executive and the Smart Grid practice lead in North America. In this role she is leading the practice to help utilities not only with their strategies but also their implementations to modernize their infrastructure.

For the past two years, Accenture has conducted global research to understand the business opportunities and challenges related to climate change. Based on interviews in 133 utility, energy and chemicals/natural resources resources companies in 29 countries, the research provides deep insights into the thoughts and plans of company executives on climate change, its anticipated impact on their businesses and they actions that are planned to address the opportunities and challenges associated with climate change. Sharon Allan has more than 25 years of experience in the technology services industry in various executive and management roles.

She has focused on smart grid deployment and transformation for the utility T&D industry for the past 12 years. She has worked with organizations around the world in smart grid and smart metering deployment strategy, infrastructure planning, and organizational performance.

Prior to Accenture, she served in positions within our industry as President of Elster Integrated Solutions, President of AMCO Automated Systems and Chief Knowledge Officer for Elster Electricity (formerly ABB).

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