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Newcomb is CEO and Chairman of the Board of Virgance, an incubator that finds great ideas and turns them into companies that change the world. He’s also the Chairman of the Board for each company Virgance builds and is the acting Chairman of Serious Business.

He is a successful serial entrepreneur who has been involved in building 6 companies prior to Virgance, resulting in over $3 billion in market value. Most recently, Steve co-founded Powerset, a natural language search engine company, which was acquired by Microsoft for $100 million dollars in 2008 and served on the Board of Directors at Jaxtr, a voice over IP company, which was acquired by Sabse. Before Powerset and Jaxtr, Newcomb also co-founded or created Promptu Mobil (private) and Loudfire (now Nokia), was an executive at Proxicom (now iCrossing) and AGS (now Statoil), and was the editor of The Entrepreneur's Workbook (Florencia: note italics).

Newcomb is often selected as a keynote speaker on a variety of issues ranging from social networking to the future of sustainability.

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The Future of Business: Innovation and Sustainability

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