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Peter Earnest is the founding executive director of the International Spy Museum and a 35-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency. He served 25 years as a case officer in its Clandestine Service, primarily in Europe and the Middle East. He ran intelligence collection and covert action operations against a range of targets including Soviet Bloc representatives and Communist front organizations. At CIA headquarters, Earnest ran counterintelligence and double agent operations, working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and military intelligence. He was chief of the task force in charge of the highest-ranking Soviet defector to the U.S.

Assigned to the Office of the Director of Central Intelligence, Earnest served as an inspector with the inspector general, liaison with the U.S. Senate and director of media relations and spokesman. A member of the Senior Intelligence Service, he received the CIA's Medal of Merit and Career Intelligence Medal. He is the former president and chairman of the Board of the Association for Intelligence Officers and still serves on its board of directors.

Earnest was the primary researcher for a book on the CIA's top secret agent in Poland, A Secret Life, by New York Times reporter Ben Weiser. As International Spy Museum director, he has played a leading role in its extraordinary success as a Washington attraction. He edits the museum's book ventures and has frequently been interviewed by the major media in radio, television and the press on current intelligence issues.

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Peter Earnest: International Spy Museum

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