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Ron Pompei began his creative exploration as an artist, creating light art installations and sculptures that Philadelphia magazine cited as "changing the face of Philadelphia." Since then, as principal of the New York City-based creative services firm Pompei A.D., Pompei has gone on to do equally groundbreaking work in architecture, design, experience branding, and cultural entrepreneurship. Pompei's design philosophy is centered on C3: Commerce, Culture, and Community, the so-called "third place" outside of home and work, where social interaction is facilitated by commerce and culture. He believes C3 can revitalize many suburban and urban venues and transform them into meeting places where people can shop, learn and socialize.

Pompei's multidisciplinary education and training as an artist, sculptor, and architect is the lifeblood of Pompei A.D.'s holistic approach to its projects, enabling the firm to integrate diverse forms of expression into meaningful transformational experiences. This innovative firm has collaborated with a wide spectrum of clients including IKEA, Sony, Coca-Cola, Kmart, The Discovery Channel, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Rubin Museum of Art, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, Fortune magazine, Harley Davidson, California Academy of Sciences, Levi's, Herman Miller, and MTV. Pompei's visionary approach to his work has been recognized by publications such as The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, Fortune, Business Week Online, Interior Design, Blueprint, Metropolis, Fast Company, and the Financial Times.

Ron is also a respected and popular featured speaker at industry, branding, and educational venues, including Principal Voices (CNN, Fortune magazine, and Time Inc.), Kjaer Global, Style-Vision, Wharton School of Business, GEL Conference, BBC Digital Futures, Urban Land Institute, and VM SD's International Retail Design Conference.

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Ron Pompei: Commerce, Culture & Community

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