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Graduating from the University of Washington in 1966 with a law degree, Dubinsky worked for four years as a tax accountant at Arthur Andersen and for two years as a real estate lawyer at May Company. While at Andersen, he began looking for the right business opportunity. When representing a client who owned a car wash, Dubinsky decided to research the car wash business. Along with a small group of partners, Dubinsky founded Waterway in 1968. The owners got their feet wet, opening their first location in 1970. Two years later, Dubinsky left May Company to work full time with Waterway.

Henry Dubinsky is currently the Chair of AJC's Energy Committee.

2 Programs

J-REC: Uniting for an Oil-Free Transportation Sector

11.08.10 | 01:16:02 min | 0 comments

J-REC: Opening Remarks and Presentations

11.08.10 | 00:42:00 min | 0 comments