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Richard A. Wilson is the Gladstein Distinguished Chair of Human Rights, Professor of Anthropology, and Director of the Human Rights Institute at the University of Connecticut.

He is the author of numerous works on human rights, truth commissions and international criminal tribunals, including the books Maya Resurgence in Guatemala (1995) and The Politics of Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa (2001) and the edited or co-edited books Low Intensity Democracy (1993), Human Rights, Culture and Context (1997), Culture and Rights (2001), Human Rights in Global Perspective (2003), Human Rights and the "War on Terror" (2005) and Humanitarianism and Suffering: The Mobilization of Empathy (2008, Cambridge University Press).

Presently he holds a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities and is writing a book, Judging History: The Use of Historical and Social Science Evidence in International Criminal Trials.

Wilson is the chair of the Connecticut State Advisory Committee of the US Civil Rights Commission and is a member of the Committee for Human Rights of the American Anthropological Association. He is associate editor of the Journal of Human Rights.

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Human Rights and Their Limits

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