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Edmund F. Haislmaier is an expert in healthcare policy and markets at The Heritage Foundation. He is frequently asked to assist federal and state lawmakers in designing and drafting health reform proposals and legislation.

In 2006, Massachusetts enacted a major health reform plan that included health insurance reforms designed by Haislmaier. His innovation was to develop a blueprint for how states can use their authority to regulate insurance to create a consumer-centered health insurance market. Under the approach, employers can opt to enroll their workers in a state health insurance "exchange," through which each worker then buys coverage of his or her choice. Thus, employers avoid the hassles of having to administer a group plan while each worker can pick the coverage he or she wants and take it from job to job -- all without losing the current tax preferences and other benefits of employer-sponsored insurance. Since Gov. Mitt Romney signed the Massachusetts reforms into law in April 2006, 15 more states have asked Haislmaier and his colleagues to help them develop similar consumer-focused solutions for their health systems.

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