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Jonathan Safran Foer made his fiction début in The New Yorker in 2001, with "The Very Rigid Search," which was part of his first novel, "Everything Is Illuminated." His other books include the novel "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" and "Eating Animals," about the ethics of eating meat. In March, he and Nathan Englander published "New American Haggadah."

4 Programs

Fiction Night: Old Country with Gopnik, Foer & Others

10.05.12 | 01:30:19 min | 0 comments

The New American Haggadah

03.19.12 | 01:05:45 min | 0 comments

Eating Animals: Jonathan Safran Foer

09.21.10 | 01:05:45 min | 7 comments

Jonathan Safran Foer: Eating Animals

12.01.09 | 00:59:26 min | 21 comments