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Known for her extensive knowledge of Pakistani politics, women's issues and ethnic conflict, Sahar Shafqat is currently an associate professor at St. Mary's College. After spending a year in Pakistan in 2007-2008, Shafqat became very active in the Pakistani lawyer's movement and is currently working on an analysis of the movement. As a scholar and an activist, Shafqat is deeply concerned with issues of gender equality and LGBT rights.

Shafqat has organized in the South Asian LGBT community in the United States and is a member of Action for Progressive Pakistan, an activist group that seeks to bring about progressive change within Pakistan and a more progressive U.S. policy towards the country.

Born in Karachi, Shafqat received her Ph.D. in Political Science from Texas A&M University. She's a contributor to Huffington Post and regularly speaks on reframing policy in South Asia and women's rights in Pakistan.

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Sahar Shafqat: Achieving Peace in Pakistan

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