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For more than thirty years, scholar-activist Dr. Harry Edwards has been the leading authority on the interface of race, sport, and society. The founder of the Olympic Project for Human Rights, Edwards' ideas led to the Black athlete boycott of the 1968 Olympics.

A pioneer in the development of the sociology of sport as an academic discipline in America, he was professor of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley from 1970-2000. He has been a consultant on issues of diversity and opportunity for the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, the NB A, and the NFL, and has worked to compel the sports establishment to confront and to effectively address issues pertaining to diversity and equal opportunity within its ranks.

A consultant with producers of sports related programs for numerous television and film productions in the United States and abroad, he has received dozens of awards and honors, including several honorary doctorate degrees.

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Harry Edwards: The Fire This Time

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