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Nathan Smith is a postdoctoral researcher in astronomy at UC Berkeley, where he works on the life and death of massive and violently unstable stars such as Eta Carinae. He earned Bachelor's degrees in music and astronomy from Minnesota in 1997, received a Master's in astronomy from Boston University in 1999, and came back to Minnesota to finish a PhD in astronomy in 2002. He was then a NASA Hubble Fellow at the University of Colorado in Boulder, before moving to Berkeley.

He's passionate about skateboarding, music (having studied classical music in India for a while, as well as touring the US with a painfully loud rock band), and unlike some astronomers whose office blackboards are covered with scrawled equations and scientific diagrams, most of Nathan's is taken up with names and star ratings of the single malt scotch whiskeys he is partial to tasting with friends and colleagues at an informal weekly after-work "scotch hour".

He is also responsible for producing some of the most dramatic images taken with the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Monster Stars & Their Temper Tantrums: Nathan Smith

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