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Tod Machover is a composer and inventor, as well as professor of music and media at the MIT Media Lab, where he also directs the Hyperinstruments/Opera of the Future group.

Machover has composed five operas and helped to develop many groundbreaking musical technologies, including Hyperinstruments, a technology that augments musical expression for both virtuosi (from Yo-Yo Ma to Prince) and amateurs, and Hyperscore, software that allows anyone to create sophisticated, original music by using lines and colors.

Many of Machover's principles about "active participation" in music are exemplified in Guitar Hero, which grew out of his lab, as well as through the recently launched Music, Mind & Health initiative.

Among his current projects is a new opera, Death and the Powers, complete with a musical chandelier, animatronic walls, and an army of robots.

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Transforming Music: Tod Machover

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