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Robert Service, a noted Russian historian and political commentator, is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and a Fellow of St. Antony’s College, Oxford. His research interests cover Russian history and politics in all its aspects from the late nineteenth century to the present day. Service has finished a biography of Leon Trotsky, drawing on the Hoover Archives, which will be published by Macmillan and Harvard University Press in October 2009. He is the author of The Russian Revolution 1900–1927, 4th edition (London, 2009), Lenin: A Biography (London, 2000), “Architectural Problems of Reform in the Soviet Union: From Design to Collapse” in Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions, vol. 2 (2001), Russia: Experiment with a People (London and Harvard, 2002), “Stalinism and the Soviet State Order,” in Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions, vol. 1 (2003), A History of Modern Russia. From Tsarism to the Twenty-First Century, 3rd edition, expanded and updated (London and Cambridge, Mass., 2009), Stalin: A Biography (London and Cambridge, Mass., 2004), “Military Policy, International Relations and Soviet Security after October 1917,” in Russia: War, Peace and Diplomacy. Essays in Honour of John Erickson (London, 2004), “Soviet Political Leadership and 'Sovietological' Modelling,” in Leading Russia: Putin in Perspective: Essays in Honour of Archie Brown (Oxford , 2005), and Comrades: A World History of Communism (London and Cambridge, Mass., 2007). Service holds an M.A. in modern languages from the University of Cambridge and an M.A and a Ph.D. in government from the University of Essex.

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Uncommon Knowledge: Christopher Hitchens & Robert Service

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