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Dexter Dunphy joined the University of Technology Sydney in January 2000 as Distinguished Professor. His main research and consulting interests are in the management of organisational change, human resource management and corporate sustainability. He also has a special interest in comparative management, particularly in East Asia where he has travelled widely. His research is published in over 60 articles and 15 books, including the Australian best sellers (with Doug Stace) Under New Management: Australian Organisation in Transition, and Beyond the Boundaries: Leading and Re-creating the Successful Enterprise (also with Doug Stace). Dexter's most recent book is The Sustainable Corporation: Organisational Renewal in Australia (co-authored with Andrew Griffiths). Dexter has consulted to over 150 private and public sector organisations in Australia and abroad. His consulting includes advising on major organisational transformation and transitions, design of human resource strategies and systems, 'trouble shooting' and conflict resolution. He has also thirty years experience in working with senior executives, managers and other professionals in enhancing their managerial skills through executive workshops, consulting and counselling.

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2050: A Hypothetical Future

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