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Derek Eamus is a plant physiologist and ecophysiologist who has worked mostly on tree species for the past 15 years. For the decade 1990-2000 he worked on savanna ecophysiology, through the CRC for Tropical Savannas and the Northern Territory University. He has been keen to have projects that integrate measurements over several spatial scales. For example, his lab has undertaken measurements of leaf scale processes (photosynthesis and transpiration) and leaf scale attributes (specific leaf area, foliar Nitrogen content, cost-benefit analyses of leaves); tree-scale processes and attributes (whole tree water-use; growth rate, allometric relationships; hydraulic architecture and xylem embolism); stand scale processes and attributes (canopy exchange of water and CO2; leaf area index) and catchment scale processes (vegetation and groundwater interactions). He was recently appointed to the Chair of Environmental Sciences at UTS where he continues his interests in plant physiology and ecophysiology, working at cellular, whole organism and ecosystem scales.

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