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Mr. Pepper is a Senior Fellow with ICF International, specializing in modeling of energy markets and environmental policies. He has over thirty six years experience in computer modeling and thirty years experience in modeling and analyzing transportation, energy, and environmental issues. Mr. Pepper designed the recent ICF suite of portfolio optimization tools which assist power generation and energy trading companies optimize their purchases of natural gas and fuels. He participated in the initial design of natural gas markets in the State of Victoria, Australia and in Singapore and was the principal consultant on the recent redesign of the market. He led the team for the high level design of the Australian National Natural Gas Short Term Trading Market. He designed and managed the developed the software used by the independent system operator of the natural gas market in the State of Victoria that takes all bids for receipts and deliveries of gas, determines the hourly operation schedule for the gas day and the market price for the gas day. Mr. Pepper develop the International Natural Gas Model(INGM) for the Energy Information Administration which simulates global production, demand and trade of natural gas and LNG. Mr. Pepper has also developed two global models, the ASF and the CCRAF, of energy use used for long-term policy analysis. The Atmospheric Stabilization Framework (ASF) includes a global energy model and has been used for fifteen years to create energy and greenhouse gas emission scenarios for the U.S. EPA and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The more recent Climate Change Risk Assessment Framework (CCRAF) is a stochastic model of future greenhouse gas emissions and impacts and includes a detailed global energy model.

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Energy Market Integration: Developments in LNG

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